K Is For Kindness

K is for Kindness. “Hello, don’t you have a little girl?” our delivery man asked one Fall evening. “Yes, I do,” I replied. “Does she need a bike?” he asked. I thought for a moment. “Well, yes,” I said. “I fix up bikes and I have several extra. I’ll bring one over,” he said, jumping back in his truck. I raised my voice so he could hear me across the parking lot, and said, “Thanks.” Several questions popped into my head. What is your name? What day will you be back? Would you like a small fee for this bike? These questions and others were left unspoken, there was no time. In answer to one of my unspoken questions, he said, “I will be back in the evening, after I do my deliveries,” then he zipped off.

Feeling a little stunned, I said to my daughters and my husband, “I just talked to our UPS man. He asked if we had a daughter who needs a bike. I said yes, and he said he fixes bikes, and he will give us one of his extras,” Rosy asked in disbelief, “A bike for me?” “Yes,” I said hesitantly, “that’s what he said,” I felt hopeful and happy that he would come back, but a slight bit concerned he wouldn’t. Rosy had outgrown  her little girl bike, a hand-me-down bike from our neighbor that was given to Daisy. So, the possibility of a new bike was exciting news.

Expectantly for many weeks, we watched big, brown delivery trucks go by. Then, about a month and a half later, I saw my husband rolling a shiny bike into our house, our excited daughter in tow. He waved toward the parking lot. “Thank you!” he said. I also yelled after the delivery man, “Thank you!” The bike was pretty and purple, one of Rosy’s favorite colors. She took a seat on her new wheels, and we steadied the bike for her. It fit perfectly. “Did you get his name?” I asked my husband. “No,” he said. It happened all so fast.

I was able to thank our delivery man again about a year later, when I saw him delivering a package. We are so grateful to him. Not only did he give Rosy a bike, he restored my hope and belief that most people are good and kind. With so much turmoil in our nation and in our world, it was lovely to be chosen to be recipients of such goodwill. It is easy for me to be kind to my family and friends, but taking the time and resources to extend that kindness to a stranger is often a challenge. I face this challenge with renewed vigor. Thank you, UPS man, for extending us your kindness and for inspiring me to put faith in the inherent goodness of people, again.

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